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Does Cheque Bounce Affect the CIBIL Score In India?

Though the Cheque Bounce does not affect the CIBIL Score directly as concerned Banks do not report the dishonour of the cheques to major credit rating bureaus including CIBIL directly, however if the cheques issued against repayment of loans from financial institutions & NBFC are dishonoured repeatedly, the said institutions report the payment failure which does affect the CIBIL Score. Cheque Bounce Advisor through its experienced team officials provide timely assistance in maintaining good and healthy CIBIL Score in adverse conditions and even helps in reversing the damages due to negative credibility with decisive assistance.

Is Cheque Bounce Case Bailable Offence? How to get bail in cheque bounce case?

YES, bail can be obtained in a cheque bounce case, considering it is a Bailable offence. If warrants have been issued against the accused/drawer then appearing in court, and applying for regular bail is necessary. The court assesses your case circumstances and may demand a surety bond or bail bond for your release, along with a specified deposit for attendance assurance during future court hearings. The Cheque Bounce Advisor Team is readily prepared for all time assistance in given circumstances and is capable enough to secure the bail in such matters following the provisions of law without any foreseen difficulty.

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